The Rocks Fedora


The Rocks Panama will give you a pop of subtle colour while protecting you from the sunshine. Bespoke dyed in a chic shade of sun-drenched rose. Hand-woven by craftsman in Ecuador before travelling to England where it is crafted into the classic Fedora shape and hand-finished with a contrast pinked leather trim. 

  • Genuine Panama – 100% Ecuadorian Straw
  • Hand-woven by artisans in Ecuador over many days
  • Crafted into the Fedora shape and hand-finished in a unique trim by craftsman in England
  • Approx. 7cm Brim Width
  • Approx. 11cm Crown Height
  • Available in hat sizes 55cm to 58cm

To measure the circumference of your head, the tape measure needs to be over the middle of your forehead and sit just above your ears.

Size 1 - 55/56cm 
Size 2 - 56/57cm
Size 3 - 57/58cm

Your Luisa Kelsey hat is delivered to you in a beautiful keepsake box to store at home and a stylish tote bag designed to protect your hat on your travels or at your chosen destination.

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